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To rejuvenate and preserve the health of the healthy and alleviate the disease of the sick.

Ayurveda is wholly based on our body constitution which is made up of three vital energies or doshas – Vata/air, Pitta/fire, and Kapha/water.
The fluctuation in balance of doshas causes diseases. Ayurvedic therapies focus purging the excess doshas and restoring balance to the human system. Yukti Ayurvedic doctors begin diagnosis by assessing the balance in your doshas, and then determine your body constitution or prakriti. You can also determine your own prakriti with a simple self-assessment test.


Yukti, by its Sanskrit definition is ‘Solution by logic and reasoning’ or ‘a holistic approach’ to achieve a single goal. Ayurveda, since its inception, believes that a good health is a product of many factors like balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, disciplined routine, balanced body constitution and more, results in a healthy life.

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    Shamana is a Symptomatic/Palliative treatment used in cases where there is inadequate time to administer Shodhana, or when the body is too weak to withstand the cleansing effects of Panchakarma.

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      Shodhana is a Cleansing treatment procedure that removes the root cause of a disease. It involves five extensive cleansing therapies called Panchakarma that work rigorously to clear any imbalances in doshas and rid the body of any disease.

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        As the principal Ayurvedic healing technique, Abhyanga is a traditional full body massage administered with herbal oils. This therapy will detoxify, nourish, liquefy toxins, induce relaxation and revitalize the body.

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          CHILD CARE

          An Immunity Development Course for Your Child. This is prescribed to improve the immunity and intellect of the child.

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            SKIN CARE

            Ayurvedic facial brings the skin to its perfect balance. Cleansing, nourishing and protecting are the key features of Ayurvedic skin care.

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              A holistic package to maintain optimal weight & body mass index. Our weight management program comprises a course of ayurvedic treatment, therapy Yoga, a course of consumables that help improve metabolism, customised diet chart and life style advice.

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